Helping people understand and benefit from the power of the unconscious mind.

Training in Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and NLP

Courses for therapists, counsellors, coaches, innovators, researchers and people who wish to experience the benefits of hypnotic trance and its applications. Workshops and learning experiences on the nature of communication and unconscious thought processing. Affordable courses that teach new ideas, communication theories and thinking skills.

Unique training is offered for people wishing to learn hypnosis for business insight.

Lisa is Acting Chair of the UK Guild of Hypnotist Examiners.

Innovative research and workshop facilitation to bring useful insights to companies and business professionals

Taking Neuromarketing to a deeper level: trance is used as an innovation stimulus and a research methodology to explore the unconscious thought-processing that makes people do what they do.

Hypnosis gets people in touch with their 'source code': the feelings, impressions, metaphors and memories that determine their attitudes and behaviours.

NLP offers tools for thinking differently and to build effective communication.

  • Using visioning workshops to give fresh insight and change minds
  • Developing strategies and scenario planning, based on what people really think and expect deep down
  • Understanding the unconscious landscape of products and brands
  • Generating creative solutions to problems through the use of trance and NLP
  • Developing new products and ideas using trance to access lateral unexpected associations.

    For Individuals
    Workshops and one-to-one sessions on how to get the most out of life by using your unconscious processing power. It's fun to fulfil your potential.

    Make the most of your assets: call 01229 583 750 to discuss how Lisa might help you.

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    Trance... a tool to dig deeper

    February 23-27, Cumbria
    NLP Practitioner DIploma
    Change your mind - transformational training. Enhance your understanding of yourself and to help others. Call 01229583750 to book today.

    March, Cumbria
    Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis
    Increasingly science is recognising the importance of the unconscious mind. Learn hypnosis to help others change, though accessing their unconscious resources. Call 01229583750 to book today.


    Talent for Life workshop is featured in September 2013 edition of Woman & Home
    Talent for Life - a one day workshop to discover ways to fulfil your potential. Contact for next dates.
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    Creative Hypnosis

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    Articles and commentary on hypnosis and how it accesses the unconscious creative resource.