Business Consultancy

I specialise in helping companies achieve insight into their communication and strategic thinking through workshops and qualitative research that dives deeper.

My approach helps uncover the thoughts and expectations that shape a company’s fortune. Unconscious beliefs and thought processes have significant influence on business outcomes. I help teams understand where their thinking is taking them and support them in optimising their strategy and systems to achieve goals.

Imagination, visioning techniques and trance interviewing help reveal people’s internal imagery and visions of the future. These tools tap into the expectations and emerging values of a company and also, when used in research, of a social group or society as a whole.

Hypnosis Research

Trance is a valuable methodology for accessing implicit mental associations. I use hypnosis to explore people's unconscious thoughts about products, brands and decision making. It is potent tool for revealing the multi-sensory world of brands and communication of which people are often barely conscious.

I have been a hypnosis practitioner for 25 years and am Chair of the UK Guild of Hypnosis Practitioners. I have used a hypno-approach on brands with consumers in groups, depth interviews and in workshops with account teams and clients in the UK and around the world.

Strategy workshops

Business teams benefit from new ways of thinking about their market situation and their future strategies. I work with board level executives using a wide range of thinking methodologies to help them solve gritty problems and generate inspired creative leaps.

International research

With expertise in qualitative and mixed-methodology research and particularly in how to work effectively in different cultures, I have conducted research projects with consumers in Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, Australia, India and the UK. I have gained extensive experience of using trance-based techniques in non-English speaking countries, working alongside interpreters who I train in the techniques in advance.

Despite not speaking the languages of participants, these trance / imagination based workshops work well and achieve their goals.

Alternatively, you can choose to benefit from my cross-cultural expertise on a consultancy basis.

Business Projects and Clients

I have explored the unconscious imagery of supermarket shopping, fast food, frozen food, snacks, drinks, clothes, fashion, toys, toiletries, banking, cars, mobile telecommunications, media use and television entertainment. People's descriptions of symbolic internal imagery and 'predictions' act as the raw data from which strategies are developed. Consumers' descriptions of future fashions, brands, retailing and innovative products have often prefigured future market trends.

I have been lucky enough to work with wide range of blue chip clients including government organisations, and consumer goods companies marketing food, drink, fashion, finance, household goods, hair-care, jewellery, telecommunications, entertainment, baby products, feminine hygiene and pet foods. Companies with whom I have used a visioning approach include BBH, Coca Cola, Diageo, JWT, IMRB, LEGO, Levi's, McCanns, McVities, Sky, Publicis, Simply Be and Rapp.

Individual Consultancy


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